There are very few drinks other than drinking water, which is popular in almost every country and in every society. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks. As of the tastes of coffee, we can easily say that there are hundreds of tastes and hundreds of methods to prepare a perfect cup of coffee. Because of different tastes and methods, prices of coffee beans vary according to the popularity and use of the coffee in any particular region. Cat. Crap Coffee is not new for experienced coffee lovers, but it might be a new name for many people around the world.

Cat Crap Coffee or Kopi luwak (in Indonesian) is a coffee made from the beans of coffee berries. These berries are eaten by an animal Asian Palm Civet and passed through its digestive tract. Passing through a civet’s intestines the beans are then defecated, keeping their shape. These beans are then gathered by local farmers. After collecting these digested beans, these are processed through washing, sun drying, light roasting and brewing, these beans yield an aromatic coffee with much less bitterness. Cat Crap Coffee is also recognized as the most expensive coffee in the world as of today.

Cat Crap Coffee is different in the way it is being collected and that is the only reason behind its high cost otherwise the rest of the procedure for making coffee is the same. However, as it is the most expensive type of coffee, you will like to use it in a way that you can get a maximum taste from it. French press coffee maker is a universally recognized as the best brewing method work great for Cat Crap Coffee. In this method, you actually brew the coffee in the hot water. After a few minutes of brewing a metal filter is pressed through the brew catching the coffee grinds and then trapping them at the bottom of the carafe. What is left over is full-boiled Cat Crap Coffee with all its aroma and essences. So you can enjoy a perfect Cat Crap Coffee with the help of French press more effectively than any other method.

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