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Coffee is considered to be an indispensable addiction that can never be eradicated even if it will be illegalized. Wherever you go, everyone is drinking coffee. It is the only thing a person cannot get by another day without drinking the same besides water. For some, coffee is more favored over water and drink a lot of cups of coffee than drinking eight glasses of water. For years coffee has been recognized as part of the routine being drank every after meal. Consequently, coffee has become part of the system of every coffee drinker. Surveys show that seven out of ten people drink coffee every day all over the world. This is only one of many indicatives that coffee is the most in demand type of drinks in the whole world. As a result, there have been plenty of coffee shops being opened to cater the whims and passions of those coffee lovers. To add spice to the flavor of a coffee drink, many have invented different flavors of coffee so that every coffee lover has the chance to drink coffee every day but with a different taste.

The first and the original type of coffee is the brewed coffee or commonly known in other places as the roasted coffee. This type of coffee are favored more by those heavy coffee drinkers who need more caffeine to make their lives more active. This is the strongest type of coffee and has a bittersweet taste depending on how strong you want your coffee to be. Brewed coffee has incomparable effect because it wakens you and making you alive in just one cup. That is how strong brewed coffees are.

Another kind of coffee is the decaffeinated ones. These are originally brewed types but the caffeine was removed from the beans by steaming to have a coffee a lighter taste. Many coffee lovers have appreciated decaffeinated flavors because they can drink more coffee without the guilt of taking too much caffeine in your body. Contrary to what other people believed that decaffeinated coffees have no caffeine at all, that seems to be not true. Decaffeinated coffee has also caffeine content but with lesser amount. Its caffeine is only ΒΌ of that in the brewed coffees.

Another kind is the flavored coffee. This type is now considered to be the famous type of coffee because you can add any flavor in making your own coffee. Ranging from chocolate, cappuccino, caramel, and many more.