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Coffee was said to be discovered on the fifteenth century in the nation of Arabia particularly Yemen where evidences proved that as early as those century coffee had already been a commodity. As centuries gone by, coffee has been marketed all over the world and as a result coffee mania reached in the different parts of the world in no time. Because of its popularity, coffee has been considered to be not beneficial to one’s healthy because of its deadly effect on the human body if taken more than several cups a day. Contrary of what traditional people believe that coffee is harmful to the body, medical surveys prove it otherwise. In fact, drinking coffee has beneficial effect especially to those religiously drinking coffee every day. The list below is just one of the many beneficial effects the coffee can give us.

For one, medical surveys show that drinking coffee regularly can prevent the development of diseases such as Type II Diabetes, cardiovascular problems, Parkinson’s disease, and even fight even dementia. As studies have shown, those people who are regularly drinking coffee have developed a healthy lifestyle over those people who are not drinking coffee.

Another benefit of the coffee is its anti oxidant content. It has been shown that coffee has anti oxidant contents which prevent a regular coffee drinker from cancer brought by the toxins being stored in our body. Studies shows that coffee drinkers would less likely to develop cancer compared to those who are not drinking coffee regularly.

The third benefit of drinking coffee is its energizing effect. Coffee is like any vitamins or more because it makes you alive. A glass of coffee especially brewed or roasted ones can make you awake in no time. That is why coffee is being drunk in the morning to start your day right especially if you have no energy to work your butt off.

The fourth beneficial effect of the coffee is the studies that show that coffee has the same level of glycemic content also found in tea. In the Asian countries especially China and Japan, mortality rates are very high because they tend to drink tea more compare to other people anywhere in the world. They can even drink up to one liter a day of tea.

Having seen the benefits of drinking coffee, this will lead many people guiltless on their next coffee spree.